Fellowship with Brothers in Christ

Accountability groups are a strong feature of our men's ministry. The Bible studies focus on helping men live lives of integrity. The objective is to strengthen men in their commitment as husbands, fathers and servants to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

From time to time, our Men's Ministry offers opportunities for special Bible studies which serve to deepen your knowledge of our Lord and his precepts while helping you to walk more closely with Him. They are great opportunities to fellowship with brothers in Christ.

Our Men's Ministry Provides 

  • Weekly small groups for Bible Study, Prayer, and Accountability

  • Periodic large group celebrations

  • National Conferences

Men of Integrity Groups

Join one of our Men of Integrity groups:

Facilitator: Steve Eakin

Location: Dunkin Donuts

Day/ Time: Tues. @ 6:15 am

Facilitator: Craig Johnson

Location: Pizza Inn (Hunter Hill)

Day/ Time: Tues. @ 6:15 am

Facilitator: Nick Falk

Location: Pizza Inn (Hunter Hill)

Day/ Time: Tues. @ 6:30 am

Facilitator: Robert Schellenberg

Location: FBC

Day/ Time: Tues. @ 6:30 am

Facilitator: Duane Tolan

Location: Bojangles (English Rd.)

Day/ Time: Fri. @ 6:30 am

Contact the Church Office 446-9113 for more information.