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We want to help make your first experience at First Baptist a great one. We understand that walking into a church for the first time can be intimidating, so we want to help you know what to expect when you visit.  As you come, you can do so knowing that you are in the midst of a group of broken people who all need God’s grace. We look forward to seeing you soon at First Baptist Church!

What to expect:

Services at First Baptist last around an hour and fifteen minutes. We begin with worshipping our great God! You are invited to sing along and engage in worship with the body however you feel comfortable. In between the songs, we are led in the reading of Scripture, prayer, and the giving of an offering. You will also hear from our choir and sometimes other soloists or groups. After worship, one of our pastors will share an encouraging and hope-filled message from God’s Word.  If you wish, you can fill out a guest card, or text us to fill out a digital guest card. This will allow us to follow up with you and get to know you better!

What about my kids?

At First Baptist, we offer child care from birth through age 4 during all of our meeting times.  If you would like for us to take care of your child while you worship, we would love to do that!  Just tell one of our greeters and they will take you where you need to go. 


We understand that it’s tough to leave your children with a stranger. We hope that it is of comfort to you to know that our helpers go through a detailed process before working with children that include background checks.  In addition, we have security posted around campus while we are meeting to cover all bases. You can feel confident that your children will be safe and  secure, and that they will have a great time!

Want to plan a visit? Let us know you are coming by clicking below!

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